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The stock market market opening at am, the French Open finals at 9am, and World Cup matches at 7am are all examples of major events serving the eastern time zone. Certain foods such as hot pastrami sandwiches, pizza, and cheese-steaks always seem tastier on the east coast for some reason. If there’s going to be snow, at least have some snowboardable mountains. Without fail, there always seems to be a blizzard or a violent hurricane every year which wreaks havoc on property and financial well-being.

Perhaps there’s no real difference, other than the fact that when you eat a hot pastrami sandwich at Katz’s deli in NYC, it’s just more authentic given the history. Earthquake danger is overrated in California given the infrequency of large shakes. I’d much rather have a big earthquake every 30 years than tornadoes and hurricanes every year. Stand strong Virginia and East Coasters, stop making fun of us Californians! The latest blizzard of 2016 has shut down cities and towns for days. Homeowner’s insurance and maintenance costs are much, much higher than prices on the West Coast as a result.

Unless you like super cold winters and uncomfortably muggy summers, the East Coast isn’t for you. A friend of mine is thinking about relocating from San Francisco, the best city in America, to New York City or Washington DC for a little work.

When your family and friends are on the East Coast, it’s hard to leave I understand. I think she’s a little nuts leaving our California sunshine behind and I’m trying to understand why, and maybe even why not. Since the Europeans first invaded the East Coast of America, there is a much richer heritage as evidenced by more developed infrastructure and building architecture.

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