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No foreign leader was more associated with conflict and confrontation with the United States than Fidel Castro.

His legendary defiance and lengthy tirades against U. “imperialism” became an integral part of his lengthy reign in power.

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The planes symbolized not only Washington's years of support for the brutal Batista regime, but U. political and economic domination of Cuba dating back to the Spanish-American War.

From the Sierra, Castro wrote to confidante Celia Sánchez, "When this war is over a much wider and bigger war will commence for me, the war I am going to wage against them [the United States]."Yet when the revolution triumphed in January 1959, Castro harbored guarded hope that Washington might accept his vision of a new Cuba—less dependent on the United States and built on social justice. Eisenhower left town to avoid meeting Castro, delegating that task to Vice President Richard Nixon.

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Behind the scenes, however, the historical truth of Fidel Castro’s relationship with the United States is far more complicated.

The long saga of Fidel Castro's confrontation with the United States began in 1958 when Castro and his small guerrilla band were still in the Sierra Maestra mountains fighting against General Fulgencio Batista's dictatorship.

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