Icetv guide not updating

06-Jan-2018 07:46

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In early April this year, Ice TV announced the Skippa, a set-top box it had apparently designed in-house and programmed to automatically skip ads in recordings of free-to-air digital TV.Early previews said the Skippa had potential, saying that Auto Skip was "surprisingly good but not foolproof".Currently the best source of guide data is the EIT content being broadcast by the Free TV networks over DVB-T.Implementation Guide for the DVB Event Information Table (EITp/f) provides good with interoperability with Myth TV.The Australian company that fought and won a landmark legal battle against the Nine Network is in financial trouble, after seemingly over-promising on a revolutionary device that would let customers watch catch-up TV without ads.

The Auto Skip feature that gave the Skippa its name seemingly did its job, but it was delivering the initial run of devices proved to be an issue.

It is unknown what purpose these companies have in trying to prevent their TV guides being used by their audience, possibly some misguided sense of copyright. These sites have been the most detailed and accurate source of data but constantly break.

loses High Court Appeal (22/04/09): are a number of sources of data available with different grabbers. You can purchase the guide data from Ice TV with a AU.99 per month subscription.

Ice TV delivers a curated, 7 day electronic program guide (EPG) for Australian free-to-air TV, which is provided as a feed to Ice TV’s compatible recording devices or to EPG aggregators for on-sale to their customers.

The guide auditing system passes through a two-stage verification process.

Despite the lengthy development time, the EPG looks like pretty standard fare, with a seven-days-ahead guide across the available Freeview channels, and the ability to schedule recordings if your attached hardware supports it.